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    At Plannerstack we are working hard towards real-time multimodal journey planners, available to anyone as a commodity.


    We envision that launching an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution brings us closer to this goal. In the past year we collaborated with many skilled developers from a variety of solution providers to bring OpenTripPlanner to the masses, this last step was providing our tools in a fully managed environment for everyone keen on developing high quality travel information services.


    Since different services, serve different end-users, different purposes and different needs, but they are all depending on the same information chain.



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    Planner API

    Dynamic multi-modal travel information covering the Netherlands based on the OpenTripPlanner documentation to include in your own site, app or service.

    • Public transport
    • Wheel chair accessibility (best effort)
    • Bicycle & walking routes (based on Openstreetmap data)
    • Car planning (best effort, limited maximum speed data)


    OpenTripPlanner (OTP) is an open source multi-modal trip planner. It depends on open data in open standard file formats (GTFS and OpenStreetMap), and includes a REST API for journey planning as well as a map-based Javascript client.


    The latest version of the OpenTripPlanner is provided.


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    Trip monitoring

    Subscription on planned trips (monitoring) including high performance & real-time instant messaging (push) RESTful API (XML and JSON) or Pub/Sub API (XMPP/0MQ).


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    The dutch NDOV+ data feed GTFS & GTFS-RT (KV78turbo, IFF+ARNU upon request).

    This feed contains data from the following public transport operators:

    • The Netherlands: Connexxion, EBS, GVB, HTM, NS, QBUZZ, RET, Syntus, Veolia.
    • Belgium: De lijn, NMBS, MIVB, TEC
    • Germany: AVV, Aachen

    Sourcecode: https://github.com/bliksemlabs/bliksemintegration


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    This webservice is released in the pulic domain to support developers of location based services with a geographic scope on the Netherlands. We specifically work towards a system that supports both static and dynamic (e.g. from interface elements) geocoding.

    To create a rich and high-quality web service we developed a service which is based on an integration of the following data sources:

    • Basis registratie Adressen en Gebouwen, made freely available via Geon (Thanks for that!)
    • Basis registratie Handelsregister (via openkvk)
    • Wijken en Buurten 2010 (via CBS)
    • Provinciegrenzen 2003 (via OpenStreetMap)
    • Busstop locations of Grenzeloze Openbaar Vervoer Informatie (GOVI), Connexxion, Syntus, Arriva, RET, Veolia (via openOV)


    The ultimate goal of Bag42 is to create a Linked Open Data Geocoding service to public transport data, chamber of commerce data and building and address data.


    Sourcecode: https://github.com/calendar42/bag42/


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  • Live demo

    Give our services a try!



    Real-time multi modal trip planner with the OTP.js client.



    Real-time multi modal trip planner with the leaflet client.



    Linked open data geocoder.

    White label journey planner


    Real-time multi modal trip planner with the bliksem client.

  • Downloads

    Available for free for customers off our managed services


    The nightly build of our Graph.obj for the complete geographic area of the Netherlands.




    The nightly build of our Graph.properties for real-time support.




    The nightly build of our OTP.jar based on the OTP masterbranch.



  • Service providers

    All tools & applications developed are published in the public domain and freely available.


    Managed services including the Plannerstack tools & applications are offered by our partners.